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For Parents / Clients

How do I request for a tutor?

Do request for a tutor by:

  • Calling A’s Tuition up directly.
  • Complete and submit A’s tuition request form online.

Our tuition agents will contact you within 2 working days upon your request.

Based on the requirements, we will arrange for a suitable tutor for the commencement of the tuition.

When will the first lesson start after I have sent in my request?

The first lesson will commence within a week upon confirmation.

What happens on the first tuition lesson?

The tutor is expected to report to the tuition location and conduct the lesson on time.

Am I able to view the tutor’s certificates to verify his qualifications?

Agency will have done verification of tutors certifications before the assigning of tutor to our clients.

Parents can request for the tutor to present hardcopies of his/her certificates and documentations to you on the first lesson.

Can I change the tutor after the tuition begins?

After the first lesson, the tutor is subjected to your acceptance or rejection. We will contact you to garner your feedback after the end of the first lesson.

Should you find the tutor to be unsuitable after the first lesson, we will change the tutor for you.

Fees will be charged based on the number of lessons taught. You do not need to fulfill certain minimum amount of lessons. However, parents are encouraged to allow the tutor to teach for at least a month to judge on their teaching performance.

How will the agency collect fee from me?

Agency will collect the first half month’s fee as commission from you. Two weeks after the commencement of the tuition, you will receive an invoice from us. This invoice contains the assignment details and we will guide you on the mode of payment.

We provide 3 modes of payment as shown below:

  1. 1) Cheque payment
  2. 2) ATM transfer
  3. 3) Payment by Internet Banking

Tutors and tuition agents are not authorized to collect the commission fees on the behalf of A’s Tuition.

How much do I pay for your tutor matching services?

You do not need to pay extra fees for A’s Tuition referral services. Upon successful assignment of tutors, the agency will collect the tuition fees for the first 2 weeks from you as commission. This amount is payable 2 weeks after a successful assignment of tutor.

Do contact us or send email to A’s Tuition at [email protected], if you have any further enquiries.

For Tutors

How much commission is payable to the agency?

  • 50% of the first month’s tuition fees will be charged as commission fees to the agency.
  • Tutor may collect payment for subsequent lessons.
  • Payment will be usually directly collected from the clients two weeks after the commencement of the tuition.
  • Should the tutor is not teaching well on the first few lessons or not on time for lessons, client may request for termination. Arrangement of payment will be discussed between both parties.
  • A’s Tuition will still collect the commission of the few lessons but will do a free replacement of tutor to client.

What happens after I accepted an assignment?

  • Tutor will be informed of venue, start date and timing for the tuition. You are expected to report punctually for the assignment.
  • As the clients may request to view your qualifications, you are advised to bring along your qualification certificates and documentations.
  • If the client is unsatisfied with the tutor’s performance after the first lesson, no compensation will be made to the tutor, unless otherwise informed. Such scenarios are usually evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

What if I am unable to make it for a tuition assignment’s first lesson?

Under such scenarios, it is your responsibility to inform A’s Tuition of your absence at least 3 days in advance. You should also provide a proper reason, such as a medical certificate, for your inability to conduct the first lesson.

First impression counts a lot, and we highly encourage our tutors to try their best to make it punctually for their first lessons.

How do I know if I have been accepted for a tuition assignment?

In the event that you have been accepted for an assignment, our agents will call you up to inform and discuss the terms with you. You can choose to reject the assignment if you wish.

After the first lesson, our agents will call you up to confirm if the client wishes for you to continue your tutoring service.

When will I get a tuition job assignment?

A’s Tuition does not guarantee you a tuition assignment even after registering a tutor account.
Job assignments are based on the level of demand, and the requirements which the client have specified.

Verified tutors generally have a higher priority in receiving tuition assignments.
To improve your priority in receiving tuition assignments, you are encouraged to fill in your qualifications section accurately and upload adequate documentations to support your qualification claims.

What if I wish to teach subjects outside the ones offers by A’s Tuition?

A’s Tuition only handle tutor matching services for subjects which are displayed on your Tutor Account Pages. You can suggest additional subjects outside the ones offered by A’s Tuition by writing in to us via our contact form.

These subjects, however, will usually not be included or allowed unless there are multiple requests or demands but many.

What are the registration requirements?

The minimum requirements are detailed below:

  • You must be of 18 years of age and above.
  • You need to be a Singaporean, Permanent Resident or a Foreigner holding a student pass or work permit.
  • You must be residing in Singapore.

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